About Kerala Police Telecommunication

Kerala Police Telecommunication is the backbone of the Police Force in the State. The Police Telecommunication wing is the Communication and Technical wing of the Police Department.  Different branches of Kerala Police are actively linked  24 X 7 with utmost  care and due consideration to strategical importance.
  Police Telecommunication is functioning as per the Rules and Procedures of Government of India viz. Wireless and Telegraphic Act 1932, Radio Procedures and relevant Manuals.
   The basic duties and responsibilities of this Unit are to provide Telecommunication network to the day to day Policing in the Districts, to maintain the equipment and to repair the same through regular monitoring.  We also have our independent Training wing and Maintenance and Repair Workshop. Our other important duties include installation of special communication systems for VVIP Security bandobust, Sabarimala Festival season, Election duties, disaster management and grave Law and order situations etc.

District Computer Maintenance Units:-

  All the aspects with respect to the repair and maintenance of the Computers in the District will be the responsibility of the concerned Inspector of Police, Telecommunication. However, the expenditure if any in connection with repairs are to be borne by the concerned empowered officer. However, it is the responsibility of IP Tele to convey the matter with a proof. The DCMU will visit each Computer system at least once in a quarter to conduct maintenance work.  They will peruse through the Internet History, Update Anti-Virus software, guide the PS level System Administrator. IP Tele and the DCMU will maintain a Call Register for repair and maintenance of Computers in the district.  They will document all the details of repair and maintenance performed with date.

Call booking through website

 Centralised Computer hardware maintenance facility is available in Kerala Police.  Officers in charge of the computer installed can also book their related calls through this window available in the KeralaPolice website\Telecommunication page(see left side up). This is forwarded to the concerned districts and is monitored by Telecommunication Hqrs.

Vision and Mission

We, the Kerala Police Telecommunication Unit are committed to provide highest quality of services in communication to the Police Department. We will constantly evaluate and improve our efforts to enhance quality of our service and frequnetly updating with the new technologies.

The main objectives of the Police Telecommunication unit are to

  • Effective assistance in commiunication.
  • Responsible to relay timely and correct information.