Kerala Police Academy
Inspector of Police
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Kerala Police Academy was inaugurated on 29th May 2004. Ever since its inception, leaving no stones unturned, the Academy has been ‘Striving Towards World-Class Excellence’ moulding the trainees, citizen-sensitive, sympathetic and compassionate towards the marginalized and the weak in society, and with high level of professionalism.
E- Academy

  • iAPS – By implementing the internal Administrative Processing System – iAPS, Kerala Police Academy has also adopted paperless file management.
  • Extensive high-speed and structured campus Wi-Fi network powered by the National Knowledge Network to support E-Learning.
  • Technology-driven smart class rooms that foster both teaching and learning.
  • Classes are configured utilizing computers, specialized software, audience response technology, networking, and audio/visual capabilities

  • DKMS
    The Digital Knowledge Management System (DKMS) exploits the possibilities of Information Technology to impart training. Videos on subjects related to policing are prepared in a comprehensive but lucid manner and passed on to the personnel through LMS application. Digital knowledge, e-learning, distance learning, videography of the subjects of study, smart classrooms, etc. are features of the DKMS.
    Digital Training Management System (DTMS) is developed for one-time registration of the police personnel attending In-service courses in KEPA. Capable of managing all types of courses conducted at KEPA, delivering course plans, scheduling courses, and facilitating beginning and end tests for every in-service course. Serves as the data bank of all the In-service courses conducted at KEPA.
    KEPA e Learning System -“KeLS” is the online portal for e-learning hosted in the State Data Centre. The system consists of online course materials, timetable management, Feedback system, online examination module, interactive blogging, push notifications, grievance portal, video tutorials, etc.