Indian Reserved Battallion
Inspector of Police

Government of India accorded sanction to raise IRBn in Kerala with 75% of standard cost for establishing. As per the Govt letter D.O No.1- 11034/2/2008-IS-IV dated 06th October, 2008and GO(MS) No.203/08/HOME Dtd 01.12.2008 with a total strength 1007 including Police Personnel, ministerial staff and camp followers. The Govt of India would exercises the first call on the IRBn and shall have a full authority to ask the state to make the battalion available for deployment anywhere in the country as and when required. The State Govt would be under obligation to comply with such requests where ever the Central Govt feels the need for requisitioning the India Reserve Battalion.
In India Reserve Battalion Police personnel are bifurcated into Two wings. Out of the 675 posts of PCs, 475 posts are for the Regular Wing and 200 posts are for the Commando Wing, in addition to that, as per the GO (ms)196/2015/ HOME/ Thiruvananthapuram dtd 09/09/2015, 50 commando posts are created due to the enhancement of security in Sree Padmanabha Swami Temple and 210 posts of Commandos are additionally created in IRBn for various Battalions. Police personnel are selected through the Kerala Public Service Commission and the selection procedure of Commando Wing and Regular Wing are different. The objectives and mission of this Battalion are prevention of insurgency/extremism and other anti social activities against the country. They were also utilized in other national emergencies like calamities, disaster etc.