Cipher Cell

Police Telecommunication Cipher Cell is located  at Telecommunication Headquarters,Pattom.Cipher cell and Crypto Centres of our state  maintaining /handling the Cryptographic documents as per the instructions receiving  from  the Directorate of Co-ordination, Police Wireless (Ministry of Home Affairs) , New Delhi.

16 Crypto Centres functioning under Cipher cell all over the state.State Crypto centre located at Trivandrum and other 15 Crypto Centres located at Kollam to Kasargod  Police districts

The word Cipher is coding or concealing of information. This wing under Telecommunication is responsible for handling of Cipher system being used in the Police forces of India time to time. Collection of Cipher documents from DCPW New Delhi carefully and performing the Cryptography operations for classified messages and other secret communications in the State Police Forces.

Inspector of Police
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