Thiruvananthapuram Rural
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Telecommunication unit Tvpm Rural is entrusted with upkeep and maintenance of all communication channels and equipments to provide Telecommunication network for the day to day policing in Tvpm Rural Police District. Telecommunication unit of Thiruvananthapuram rural is headed by Inspector of Police, Telecommunication. About 40 numbers of Police officials in the ranks of Sub Inspectors, Assistant Sub Inspectors, Head Constables and Police Constables from Kerala Police Telecommunication is working in this unit for the upkeep and maintenance of communication equipments and channels. For the repair and maintenance of Computers in the District, a District Computer Maintenance Unit (DCMU) is also functioning in the Telecommunication Sub Unit. A Video conference arrangement is also managed by this unit at the DPC office.  Separate GD, Wireless log & CoB logs are manually maintained.

Location of the Telecommunication Unit

1) Third Floor –District Police Chiefs office Tvpm.Rural.
2) District Control room – Mangalapuram Police station
3) CoB, ADGP&IGP SZ, office TVPM
5) VHF&CoB, AP-Bn.HQrs, TVPM.&
6) VHF&CoB -SAP Camp TVPM.

 Sections/sub units maintained by this unit

VHF, Rural Work Shop, CoB DPO, CoB ADGP SZ HQ, VHF&COB PTC, TVPM Rural DCMU,   IAPS&CCTNS, VHF&CoB AP-Bn HQrs, VHF&CoB SAP camp TVPM, Rural& Trunk line Repeaters at Ponmudi, Town Repeaters at Attingal, Varkkala, Nedumangad, Balaramapuram& Neyyattinkara.
Details of Repeaters
VHF District and Trunk line Repeaters at Ponmudi, Town Repeaters at Attingal, Varkkala, Nedumangad,Balaramapuram& Neyyattinkara.
Other details
This Rural District consists of 272 nos. of Static / Mobile Stations and 270 nos. of H/H Sets for patrolling duties. Whenever need arises more Static Stations are also being provided at other places in this District.
The Control Station and Police stations are operating round the clock. L&O communication, Traffic communication and Trunk line communication are being recorded time to time by using Voice Logger equipment. Also maintaining a Daily report book for entering the daily activities.

Other Special Communication Arrangements

  •  Providing foolproof communication arrangements for the movements and security of VVIPs and VIPs.
  • Dedicated Communication Network to the Raj Bhavan Guards and RBI Guards.
  • Maintaining Communication Network for the SISF and RRRF wings.
  • Exclusive communications cover for the Lok Sabha/ Assembly/ Panchayath Elections. W/T Communication has also been provided to the inaccessible Booths in TVM RL District viz. Podiyam and Bonacaud during all the above said Elections.
  • There are no Communication Grey Areas/ Blackout Areas in this District.
  • As many as 40 Festivals are being organized in this District, and continues to witness heavy rush of Pilgrims/ Devotees every Year. Effective Communication arrangements are being organized for the crowd control as well as Traffic regulations to ensure smooth flow of traffic and pilgrims.

Nedumangad Ottam, Aayayil Temple Festival, Malayinkeezhu Sree Krishna Swamy Temple Festival, Palode Karshika Mela, Shivagiri Pilgrimage, Vellarada Kurishumala Pilgrimage, Vellanad Devi Temple Festival, Chirayinkeezhu Sharkkara Temple Festival, Palode Sastha Temple Festival, Karkkadaka Vavu Bali at Aruvikkara/ Aruvippuram/ Varkala, Onam Karshika Melas, Shivagiri Chathaya DinakhoshamNew year eve and Neyyar Fests are some of the major Festival/other duties in this District in which

  • Necessary Communication arrangements are also being made for the Indoor/Outdoor Training, Field visits, Practical Training and Summer Camps of Student Police Cadet (SPC) Project, the School-based initiative of Kerala Police.

Apart from this, the TVM RL Tele Sub-Unit extends Technical assistance and Maintenance support for the effective working of Wireless Equipments installed at Repeater station, Thaluk HQrs. and Village Offices for the Disaster Management measures managed by the Revenue Authorities under the control of the District Collector.
TVM RL Police Control Room
        The TVM RL Police has its  L/B VHF Control Station located at Mangalapuram.
DG Control.
A new Control Station under the direct control of the State Police Chief has been launched at Police Head Quarters on 13/12/2016 to monitor, control and to ensure continued operation of W/T Network in emergencies and exigencies.  
Computer Maintenance Unit (SCMU & DCMU)
        The State Computer Maintenance Unit (SCMU) at PHQ and the District Computer Unit of this District is entrusted with the responsibility of installation, repair, and maintenance of Computers, Printers, and other electronic gadgets at various Police Stations/ Offices in this District, including the higher Official’s
Radio Workshop
        The Radio Workshop of this Unit conducts the basic repair and maintenance of Wireless Equipment and Accessories.