Thiruvananthapuram City
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Tele Ph: +91 9497987443, 9497981155

    Telecommunication unit Tvpm City is entrusted with upkeep and maintenance of all communication channels and equipments to provide Telecommunication network to the day to day policing in the Tvpm City Police District. Telecommunication unit of Thiruvananthapuram City is headed by Inspector of Police, Telecommunication. About 55 numbers of Police officials in the ranks of Sub Inspectors, Assistant Sub Inspectors, Head Constables and Police Constables from Kerala Police Telecommunication is working in this unit for the upkeep and maintenance of communication equipments in different net.For the repair and maintenance of Computers in Thiruvananthapuram City, a District Computer Maintenance Unit (DCMU) is also functioning in the Office premises of Commissioner of Police, Thiruvananthapuram manned by Police Telecommunication Unit. A Video Conferencing System is also set up at CPO.

Location of the Telecommunication Unit in Thiruvananthapuram City

1) First Floor - Police Control Room Tvpm City.
2) First floor – City commissionerate Office, TVPM City
3) Mounted Police Campus, TVPM.

Other sections/sub units maintained by this unit City

    VHF, City Work Shop, CoB CPO, CITY DCMU, CITY CCTNS, City Repeater, Kovalam Repeater, Bell Air Repeater and Green Field Repeater.

Details of Repeaters

    Vikas Bhavan Repeater for city net & Traffic Net, Secretariat Repeater-Link Repeater, Pulinkudy Repeater for City Net, Bellair Repeater for Coastal area, Repeater for Railways, Green Field and Technopark Repeater for Kazhakkootam area. Special VHF networks are also installing exclusively for Onam festival, New-year eve, Attukal& Karikkakam Pongala Festival, Bheemapalli Uroos, Vettukadu Church Festival etc. and all other festivals in Tvpm City are linked with main Network. The Telecommunication Personnel are deployed in these festival duties for issuing VHF sets, managing charged batteries and for attending faults. During the festival season around 400 H/H sets are deployed in L&O/Traffic Nets, in addition to the Sets deployed earlier in the existing city and traffic sets for providing uninterrupted communications throughout the festival season. The voice logger equipment installed in TVPM City sub Unit helps in retrieving the Communication data of the vital incidents for analyzing breaches of communication, unnecessary communications etc. The L&O communication, traffic communication and Sree Padmanabha Swamy Temple- Control communication are also recorded in real-time by using this equipment. A Daily report book is maintained for entering the daily activities. Separate GD, Wireless log & CoB logs are manually maintained.