Inspector of Police

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Telecommunication unit Palakkad is entrusted with upkeep and maintenance of all communication channels and equipments to provide Telecommunication network for day to day policing in the Palakkad Police District. Telecommunication unit of Palakkad is headed by Inspector of Police, Telecommunication. About 35 numbers of Police officials in the ranks of Sub Inspectors, Assistant Sub Inspectors, Head Constables and Police Constables from Kerala Police Telecommunication is working in this unit for the upkeep of Communication arrangements and channels. For the repair and maintenance of Computers in the District, a District Computer Maintenance Unit (DCMU) is also functioning within the Telecommunication Unit. A video conference arrangement is also managed by this unit at the DPC office.
Repeater Stations
The District VHF Communication (Repeater) is situated at Nelliyampathy Hills, in Padagiri Police Station limit. A Trunk line Network Repeater station for entire state communication is functioning at Nelliyampathy Hills.
Towns Traffic repeaters are covered in VHF High Band communication  for the regulation of traffic in Palakkadu and a link  repeater at Agali.

Other sections/sub units maintained by PKD unit

CoB communication arrangements are provided for DPC office and KAP Bn. VHF Communication arrangements are provided for L&O purpose with control room at South PS, with 35 Police Stations and 15 Inspectors of Police.
Other Special Communication Arrangements in PKD.

  • Providing   communication arrangements for the movements and security of VVIPs and VIPs.
  • Exclusive communications cover for the Lok Sabha/ Assembly/ Panchayath Elections. W/T Communication has also been provided to the inaccessible Booths in PKD District viz.  during all the   Elections.
  • Communication arrangements are also being made for the Indoor/Outdoor Training, Field visits, Practical Training and Summer Camps of Student Police Cadet (SPC) Project.
  • Festivals like Nenmara pooram, Kalpatti Ratholsavam, Chunakkathur Pooram, Tharoor Vela.
  • Communication arrangements are providing for forest combing in connection with extremist activists operations.